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Why shouldn't you leave the scene of an accident?

A hit-and-run accident is complicated, because hit-and-run crashes can result in a driver fleeing and not ever being found. If the driver isn't found, the person who suffered an injury may have to pursue compensation through their own insurance plans, which becomes frustrating. Fortunately, most of the time, hit-and-run drivers are found by police not long after an incident. In those cases, drivers are charged for fleeing the scene and can be held liable for the accident.

The truth is that even if the person who fled the scene was the victim, he or she may be considered to be at fault now. Leaving the scene without stopping and contacting the authorities is against the law in the United States, further complicating things for the person who left the scene prematurely.

Woman suffers serious injuries on dangerous beach ramp

When premises belongs to a city, the city should always maintain it. Whether that means maintaining a boardwalk or roadway, it's in the city's best interests to do so. If someone gets hurt due to a hazard that has been reported but not repaired, the city can be held responsible for those injuries.

The city, in this case, has recently settled an unsafe ramp case for $600,000, according to news out of Brooklyn. The original story states that a woman was walking up a ramp on Surf Avenue to get to Coney Island beach in 2013 when she had to step to the side to avoid a bicyclist.

You can settle a lawsuit without going to court

It's possible to settle a personal injury lawsuit before you ever have to file a lawsuit. One way to do this is by working with your attorney to negotiate with the other party. You may want to consider mediation sessions, going through arbitration or negotiating directly depending on the situation.

There are many reasons to go through negotiations without involving a court. First, it saves you money. Suing can costs hundreds or thousands of dollars depending on the situation. Instead, speaking with your attorney and having him or her help you with negotiations is a better route. Then you only accrue your attorney's fees and some filing fees for the documentation you need. In many cases, your attorney fees come out of any award you get, so that fee can be accounted for in your negotiations.

This is what you should look for if you suspect elder abuse

Recognizing nursing home abuse is the first step to helping your loved one get out of a dangerous situation. Here are a few common questions about nursing home abuse and neglect that you may be interested in knowing the answers to.

What is abuse?

Product defects can cause medical problems for patients

Imagine having a hip replacement surgery to improve your mobility and quality of life. You go through months of recovery only to feel like something isn't quite right. Then, you find out that a screw has come loose. You need another surgery and even more physical therapy. The pain and suffering of the first surgery is repeated a second, unnecessary time.

If this or a situation like this has happened to you, then you know how important it is for medical products to be produced without defects. Even a small defect, like a loose screw, can affect you negatively. If you plan to file a lawsuit, you should know that you are affected by the statute of limitations in New York. In most cases, you have only a limited amount of time to file your claim from the date of surgery or the date on which you discovered the defect.

Are medical errors really the third-leading cause of death?

Medical errors aren't just little things like forgetting to check on a patient. They can be serious and cause permanent injuries or death. It's vital for nurses, doctors and other medical professionals to be at their best at all times and to make sure they give their full attention to each patient they see.

How common are medical errors in the USA?

You can seek compensation after a boating crash in New York

Heading out on the water might be your plan, but even in the winter, boating safety is a must. Waters are cold, and hypothermia is a real risk if you get wet or are exposed to the elements for too long. Fortunately, there are some ways you can help yourself and your co-workers or family members stay safe on the water.

First, always wear life jackets. While you might be a good swimmer, the cold water shocks the body and makes it hard to swim or catch your breath. Make sure the life jacket is the right size and made to support your weight.

What happens if a child is hurt at school?

When your child is at school, you expect the school to take pride in its ability to care for your child and in its ability to keep him or her safe. One thing that can take you by surprise is a phone call stating that your child was hurt on the premises.

In some cases, the school may be negligent and can be held liable for the injuries your child suffered. For example, if there were jagged metal pieces on playground equipment that cut your child, the school may be held liable for not maintaining the equipment properly.

How can you avoid an e-cigarette explosion?

When e-cigarettes first were marketed, they seemed like a great alternative to a traditional cigarette. They had less of the damaging chemicals found in cigarettes, and no tobacco was needed. They wouldn't emit dangerous second-hand smoke, making them safer to use inside, too.

The problem is that some of these devices have actually exploded when being used, scarring, disfiguring and burning the faces of the victims. If that's happened to you, you know how suddenly your life can change. You did something you thought was safer for you and the people around you, and now you've suffered as a result. Fortunately, the manufacturers do need to take responsibility, and you can file a claim to receive compensation.

This rare disorder must be diagnosed as soon as possible

A rare infant seizure disorder is often hard to diagnose, but if it's not caught, it can cause devastating consequences. It's a rare form of epilepsy that can cause major health consequences to these children. 

Typically, the first signs of this condition arise at four to 12 months old, according to a researcher and assistant professor of pediatrics at the University of California, Los Angeles. The seizures caused aren't the same as other kinds; they cause the child to drop his or her head quickly and to jerk the arms upward. The seizures are short, lasting only around a second, but these quick seizures can cause serious harm to the child. 


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