The secrets nursing homes hide from potential residents

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Not all nursing homes are the kind, loving and watchful facilities you hope they are. Many make mistakes and hire staff members who don’t have your loved ones’ best interests at heart. Sometimes, there are secrets that nursing homes don’t want you to know.

An April 23 news report discussed some of the more serious secrets you could come across when you least expect it, exposing the risks you may face when you put a love one in a nursing home. For example, did you know that some contracts are written so that you can’t sue? Instead, they are binding arbitration agreements, which make you settle any problems outside court.

Another issue in some nursing homes is that residents really don’t get enough to eat. Older people tend to lose their appetites, but the staff needs to be aware and make sure they eat. Malnourished or hungry individuals are at a higher risk of injury, anorexia and other health problems.

Keep in mind that not all people in the nursing home are registered nurses. Some are just temporary nurses who may be qualified as aides and nothing more. Temporary nurses may not bond with residents and are unlikely to know them as well as long-term nurses in the facility.

Finally, ask the facility if your loved one can keep the same doctors. Some nursing homes have assigned physicians, which means your loved one may need to start to work with someone new. If you don’t want to see that happen, you may need to look for a different nursing home.

Source: Health & Fitness Cheat Sheet, “The Dark Secrets Your Nursing Home Doesn’t Want You to Know,” Lauren Weiler, April 23, 2018

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