Reducing The Dangers Of Construction Sites


Construction sites have a high risk for injury, but it may be reduced through safety meetings, risk assessments, safety gear and first aid kits.

Construction workers across New York are at risk for being injured on the jobsite. According to Construction Global, 150,000 employees in the construction industry are injured on the job over the course of a year in the United States.

Hold safety meetings

All employees should be trained on the proper protocols that should be followed at a jobsite. For example, if one area will have high forklift traffic, workers should know to walk with caution. Safety training can take place during the new-hire process, but even veteran workers can benefit from a regular look at safety measures. Some construction companies may choose to hold a morning safety meeting each day to go over goals, danger areas and proper safety gear use.

Identify problem areas

In order to avoid injuries, everyone in the company needs to be aware of the biggest dangers found on the construction site. For example, if a site has extremely uneven ground, workers may need to use more caution when walking, driving or setting up ladders to avoid tripping, crashing and falling. The hazards may not always be the same from one site to the next, but could include the following:

  • Exhaustion caused by too much exposure to the elements, such as heat, wind, rain or cold, can lead to an increase in hazardous mistakes.
  • Falling objects, such as hammers, bundles of shingles and other tools, that fall off of roofs or scaffolding may strike workers on the ground.
  • High traffic volumes of large trucks and machinery leads to an increased risk of getting hit or pinned by a moving vehicle.
  • Falling off of a great height, such as scaffolding, the roof or a balcony, can lead to broken bones and other serious injuries.

Once the problem areas have been identified, workers and supervisors will be better equipped to find solutions to the potential dangers.

Provide safety gear

Personal protective equipment should be provided by a construction company from the start of a job. Workers may need to wear hard hats, bright vests, harnesses and eye protection while working. While safety gear cannot stop an accident from taking place, it may help reduce the seriousness of injuries.

Keep first aid kits ready

First aid supplies are another way workers can reduce the seriousness of their injuries. For example, if someone gets a cut from an old utility knife, he or she may be able to avoid infection by having the wound cleaned and bandaged right away. Construction supervisors may want to consider adding band aids, antiseptics, burn creams and cold compresses readily available.

New York construction companies may not be able to completely take away the risks associated with the job, but the owners can take steps to reduce the dangers. If a serious injury does take place, it may be beneficial to work with a knowledgeable attorney.

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