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UNFORTUNATELY, New York State Law does not protect motorcyclists or their passengers in several very important areas in which ALL other motor vehicle operators and pedestrians are protected. Bikers and their passengers are NOT covered under the New York State No-Fault Law, which provides virtually automatic payment for medical bills, prescriptions, physical therapy, loss of earnings, etc.

We feel that this law is very unfair to motorcyclists (and their passengers) and is designed to protect insurance companies, because motorcyclists (and their passengers) are often among the most seriously injured accident victims and their medical treatment, loss of earnings, etc. would cost the insurance companies millions of dollars statewide. Because of this clear fact, insurance companies have succeeded in obtaining the special protection of this clearly one-sided law.

FORTUNATELY, after nearly three decades of protecting the rights of bikers and their passengers, Ellis Law has developed several methods to assist you, as a biker or passenger, in obtaining the medical treatment you need. For example, many times we are able to enter into a “Lien Agreement” with your doctors or, if your doctors will not agree, we will help you obtain a loan to pay for your treatment. This loan will only have to be paid back if your case is successful and that successful conclusion will most often include reimbursement to you for medical expenses.

In addition, we will fight to obtain from the party at fault payment or reimbursement to you for all of your medical bills, loss of earnings and other out-of-pocket expenses. We will also fight against that party to the FULLEST extent of the law to obtain compensation for you for your pain and suffering, inconvenience, loss of enjoyment of your family and your hobbies, and ANY change in the quality of your life caused by your accident!

The typical excuse of the negligent party who hits or fails to yield the right of way to a biker is “I didn’t even see him coming”. Well, we don’t buy that excuse! In our opinion, that excuse IS negligence and if that is the defense of the guilty party, we will fight to make his insurance company pay EVERYTHING you are entitled to! Even if there is some other excuse for that party’s carelessness in causing your accident, we will still fight to the fullest extent of the law to make his insurance company pay.

In the past, Mr. Ellis has fought to protect the rights of bikers who have lost a leg, suffered severe brain damage, suffered multiple fractures or severe scarring from “road rash”, and even lost their lives due to the careless actions of other drivers who “didn’t see them coming” or otherwise failed to drive safely when in the vicinity of a motorcyclist. We understand the special concerns of bikers and have witnessed the devastating injuries that they suffer when someone else drives carelessly.

It is absolutely LEGAL for you to operate a motorcycle on the highways of New York State. What does that mean? It means that you, as a motorcycle operator, have an ABSOLUTE right to drive on our roads and to do so safely with the understanding and anticipation that other drivers will RESPECT you and your right to do so. If they do not respect that right and carelessly injure you, please be assured that we will fight with all of our power to make them pay for their carelessness. It’s as simple as that.

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