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You may be asking yourself, “How do I distinguish one law firm from another?” We think the answer is clear. Ellis Law, P.C., has helped thousands of injury victims over the years — many referred by former clients who were pleased with our services, other lawyers who were confident enough in our skills to ask us to help their injured clients, or doctors who trusted us to protect their patients’ legal rights.

Mr. Ellis’ own experience of being seriously injured in a car accident when he was young, along with his more than 30 years as a personal injury attorney, has helped him develop several creative programs to help Ellis Law‘s clients know that in retaining us, they have made the right choice. Below are a few examples of what Ellis Law, P.C., offers injury victims, in addition to its outstanding track record of successful results. While some other firms offer similar services or areas of focus, Ellis Law prides itself on offering ALL of them:



For those clients who are afraid or reluctant to go to court, Ellis Law offers its unique ” For Settlement Only” program, in which the firm agrees in writing that if we are unable to settle out of court with the insurance company, we will not proceed any further without your permission. There will be no pressure and no obligation to proceed with a lawsuit if settlement efforts fail, and there will be no fees owed if you decide not to go any further. Settlement is likely, however, since due to our reputation and outstanding record of results, 99 percent of our cases that settle do so without our clients ever having to go to court!


To ensure that every client is always treated with compassion and empathy and always knows he or she is considered a person — not just a case number — Mr. Ellis started the Ellis Law “Client Relations Program” many years ago. We understand that many clients are very vulnerable when an injury disrupts nearly every aspect of their lives. The Ellis Law attorneys and staff are thus taught to “relate” to their clients in the same way they relate to their family and friends, and to always provide care, comfort and understanding for each client in his or her time of need.


More than 20 years ago, in order to provide a way for personal injury accident victims to obtain free answers to their questions, Mr. Ellis started the Nation’s ONLY “Injury Answerline®”. This is a free service that injury victims can call (1-800-LAW-7777 or 1-800-3-ABOGADO) or go to online in order to obtain a free case evaluation, or to simply ask questions about their legal rights, with no pressure and no obligation. Through this program, we answer thousands of questions each year for personal injury accident victims who do not even have a case, because as part of our dedication to our profession, we recognize that our job is to be there for all injury victims, whether or not we receive a legal fee.


Preparation is KEY in winning (or settling) any personal injury case for full value. Our goal in every case is to get a complete and thorough investigation finished quickly — BEFORE the insurance company even knows we are coming!

As part of this strategy, Ellis Law utilizes a 2014 Mercedes Sprinter Van “Mobile Law Office – Accident Scene Investigative Unit,” which our investigators drive wherever necessary to collect and document evidence in our clients’ cases. Our investigations include such things as obtaining photographs and/or measurements of skid marks, roadways, view-obstructing objects, property defects, etc. and gathering accident and other reports, witness statements, deeds, property surveys, etc. We also hire engineers, scientists, doctors and other experts as needed to prepare our clients’ cases thoroughly.

We “recreate” accidents wherever necessary and several times have actually purchased automobiles to match the ones that hit our clients, so that we could recreate what happened as accurately as possible. We are not afraid to spend tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars on any given case to make it a success for our injured clients. For example, we invested nearly $40,000 to prepare an auto/truck collision case, which led to a settlement of $9.6 Million for one client, which is projected to pay him a total of $18.9 Million over his lifetime. To learn this client’s story, click here.

Overall, we have learned that if we work hard and creatively to “out-prepare” our adversaries, we can ensure that our clients have the most solid claim possible, which will lead to the highest settlement (or jury award) that can be achieved for them.



Because we know that many times personal injury accident victims are suffering financially because they cannot work, consultations at Ellis Law are always free, and you never pay attorney fees on your personal injury accident claim unless you receive financial compensation.


We have numerous offices designed to make it easy for clients to reach us. But, Ellis Law‘s 2014 Mercedes Sprinter Van “Mobile Law Office,” is also used to travel to meet with injury victims wherever (and whenever) they need us — their homes, the hospital or anywhere else that is convenient for them, so that they need not worry about traveling due to their injured condition.


Spanish-speaking assistance is available at Ellis LawSe Habla Español — 1-800-3-ABOGADO (1-1-800-322-6423). Also, translators are available for many other languages. If we do not have a translator for your native language, we will hire one just for you!



Ellis Law is SOLELY a plaintiff’s personal injury law firm that will solely fight for injury victims and their families. We do not and will not represent any insurance company or negligent party.

Over the years, Mr. Ellis has turned down several insurance companies and negligent parties, who wanted his firm to represent them. Early in his career, as his reputation for aggressively going after insurance companies spread rapidly, one large national insurance company offered to open a new law firm for Mr. Ellis and hire five attorneys to work under him to represent that company in all of its claims in multiple counties. Although he had just recently opened his own practice and could have used the job security and steady paycheck, he knew that his career calling was to protect innocent victims from the major resources of large companies just like this one. So, he immediately turned down the offer, with no regrets.



Over the years, Ellis Law has sponsored many local youth sports teams and donated money to dozens of community programs. Also, we are very proud of several programs which we have been a part of, as discussed below:

Over the years, our huge motor vehicle accident caseload has unfortunately always included many cases against drunk or distracted drivers. As injury lawyers, we have seen firsthand the devastation that drunk and distracted driving causes and we are dedicated to doing something about it.

To discourage such irresponsible behavior, we frequently run advertising campaigns to warn prospective drunk or distracted drivers that we will aggressively pursue claims against them if they hurt someone who becomes our client. Our public information campaigns typically include the frightening statistics about the harm that such dangerous driving causes, and conclude with the warning that “Ellis Law Sues Drunk Drivers,” “Ellis Law Sues Texting Drivers” or “Ellis Law Sues Distracted Drivers.”

Some sample scripts include “Do not drink (or text) and drive. If you make the mistake of doing so, do NOT make the serious mistake of injuring an innocent victim. If that victim becomes our client, be forewarned that we will aggressively sue you to the limits of the law!” or “If you drink and drive, there is a good chance that the police will arrest you, the Courts will lock you up, and Ellis Law will SUE you!”

We actually learned of one driver who was about to text someone while driving by one of our offices when she noticed that our changeable LED sign said “Distracted Driving Injures 1,060 People Per Day.” She said that she immediately put the phone down! It is stories like this that reap the best rewards for us as dedicated advocates for injury victims.

Ellis Law also periodically offers thousands of dollars in “Stop-DWI” college scholarships to local high school students who write the best essay, “How to Stop Teenage Drinking and Driving.” One year, we offered four $2,500 scholarships, but our selection committee felt that five essays were so close to each other that it was difficult for them to decide. So, they approached Mr. Ellis to ask him review the five essays and eliminate one. Instead, Mr. Ellis immediately decided to increase the scholarship fund from $10,000 to $12,500 to ensure that each of the five students received a $2,500 award.

As further evidence of our commitment to this important cause, early on we hired a former Police Chief and teacher as our “Stop-DWI Director.” He utilized his immense skills and vast experience to help coordinate our efforts to do our part to help eliminate drunk and distracted driving. We donate money to MADD, SADD and other anti-DWI organizations and have received letters from them praising our efforts to help stop drunk driving.

The above are just a few of the many answers to the question of why we are different from most law firms. We trust you will feel those answers and our outstanding record are reasons to choose Ellis Law to protect you, your family and your future from the effects of your unfortunate accident.

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With offices in Albany, NYC, Poughkeepsie and numerous other convenient locations, we provide legal representation to clients throughout New York. Through co-counsel relationships with a network of experienced personal injury lawyers, we are prepared to help injury victims anywhere throughout the United States.

These law firms assume joint responsibility with us for the case and share the standard legal fees with us. In cases in which we employ co-counsel, our clients benefit from the full resources of “two law firms for the price of one.” In other words, there is no additional fee for the client to have full access to the resources of both law firms.

To contact our Poughkeepsie, NYC, Bronx and Albany personal injury lawyers and for accident or injury cases anywhere in New York State or nationwide, call 1-800-LAW-7777 (1-518-477-7777) or 1-800-3-ABOGADO (1-1-800-322-6423). You may also contact us by email or fill in the simple Injury Answerline® form on this page for answers to your questions or a free case evaluation.

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