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New York Dangerous Or Defective Medications Or Drugs (Pharmaceutical Class Actions) Lawyers

Ellis Law and our co-counsel represent clients who have been injured by dangerous or defective medications or drugs, including pharmaceutical class actions or mass torts. These include such drugs as Vioxx, Zyprexa, Bextra, Celebrex and similar medications, WHETHER OR NOT they have been recalled by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA).

Many of our clients shared in a portion of the $1.2 Billion settlement by Eli Lilly and Company in response to contentions by law firms nationwide that Zyprexa caused diabetes and similar conditions and that Lilly failed to adequately warn of these dangers. Ellis Law clients also participated in the $4.85 Billion Vioxx settlement in which it was contended that the drug caused heart attacks and strokes.

If you read or hear that a given medication which you have taken has been linked to a harmful side effect, sickness or condition, please call Ellis Law so that we can discuss whether or not we feel the manufacturer can be held liable for making that medication or drug available to the public, or for failing to adequately warn doctors or patients of those dangerous side effects. Even if you have not heard of an investigation or alleged link between a medication you are taking and a medical condition you are suffering but you suspect there may be such a link, call us. As always, the consultation is free, but what you learn may be worth a lot to your future.

To find out more about your rights as victim of a dangerous or defective drug or failure to warn, please call our free Injury Answerline® at 1-800-LAW-7777 (1-518-477-7777, Toll-Free Nationwide) or 1-800-3-ABOGADO (1-1-800-322-6423), or submit a simple request form to the online Injury Answerline®.


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