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Home health-care services may not be the best solution

When people age, it's likely that they will require some kind of care. The type of care they receive may vary, but many prefer to stay at home. Home care is a popular option because it keeps them in familiar surroundings. This is particularly helpful for those with memory loss and dementia.

Another reason people opt for home care is that they hear what nursing homes are allegedly like. There are some nursing homes that are downright dangerous for residents. Low-staffing levels mean that residents may not get the attention they need, and that leads to neglect and mistakes.

Know who's liable if you're hurt by defective products

No matter what you buy, you want to know that the product is safe. Whether it is a drug for an illness or a toy for your child, it is important that the item is safe for use.

When a manufacturer does not take steps to make sure products fall within safety guidelines, they put the public at risk. It is very important that they are held liable for that.

Crash results in serious injuries for motorcyclist

Crashes can happen at almost any time and any place. It's important for the police to determine who is at fault. This will help provide the evidence you will need to make a claim against the other party for the injuries and damages that have occurred as a result of their negligent acts.

Police in Poughkeepsie are asking for witnesses to come forward after a three-vehicle collision resulted in injuries. The Aug. 20 report states that the crash happened along Route 9. It happened just before 5 p.m.

What is an erroneous treatment?

An erroneous treatment is as much a problem as receiving no treatment at all. Sometimes, a medical provider may diagnose you with the wrong condition or choose the wrong treatment for the condition you have. That could lead to further injuries.

Here's an example: If you fall and get hurt, you could break your arm. If the doctor misdiagnoses you, then they may send you to physical therapy or give you a splint. That might not be enough to support your arm, and it could lead to the break worsening, further pain or undue suffering.

Submitting your nursing home complaint to the state

Nursing home neglect is an unacceptable part of many patients' lives. It happens under the eye of those who are supposed to be caring for your loved one, and in many cases, it involves those who are at their most vulnerable.

Did you know that you can file a complaint through the New York State Department of Health? There is a Nursing Home Complaint Hotline and complaint form that victims of abuse and their families can use to inform the state about the incident. These complaints are made anonymously, but it's vital that you have a designated representative to receive correspondence from the state.

Medical malpractice is a killer: Here's what patients should know

Making errors is a way of life for many people. Humans learn that way. There is one group of people who simply cannot make mistakes, though, and those people are medical providers.

When a medical doctor, nurse or other staff member makes a mistake, it may threaten the life of a patient who came for care. Many times, patients don't recognize errors as they begin to develop. They don't notice a doctor not wearing gloves or marking the wrong leg before surgery. It's hard for others to be their own advocates.

Motor vehicle defects can lead to serious collisions

After a motor vehicle accident, you might be shocked to find out it was your fault that the crash happened. You hadn't meant to run a red light, but you couldn't get your vehicle to slow down.

In your defense, the problem wasn't you. It was a defect in the materials used near your accelerator. It was pinned down, making it impossible for you to stop.

Protect your loved one from psychological abuse in nursing care

Nursing home neglect comes in many forms. One that is often overlooked is the psychological abuse that individuals may face. Psychological abuse can range from ignoring residents to degrading them. Psychological abuse could include threats or humiliation.

For instance, if a person in a nursing home wets him or herself, it's fairly common for nurses to clean up the individual and to help them with their sanitation needs. Telling other residents about the situation, teasing the elder or being verbally abusive could be forms of psychological abuse that the elder would face in that situation.

How serious are anesthesia errors?

Going into surgery is frightening even for the most stoic person. There's a risk of many things going wrong, even in a controlled environment with professionals who have years of experience.

Anesthesia is one thing that has to be just right to prevent injuries. Anesthesiologists train for years to understand medications and how they affect patients. Making any kind of mistake could be life-threatening for a patient.

Tenants can sue for injuries on a landlord's property

If you are a tenant and live in a landlord's property, you expect it to be safe for you. When you move in, you write down everything you notice is wrong. However, there may be hazards you don't know about right away or things that have to be repaired over time as you live there.

As a tenant who has suffered an injury, it's important to know if you can hold your landlord liable for what's happened on his or her property. Here are a few things you should know.


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