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Dangerous stairs lead to injuries every year

There are many reasons why people get hurt on stairs. Perhaps the stairs are too old, or they are uneven and hard to walk on. Whatever the reason is, it's important for the owners of staircases to make sure they are safe for those who use them. Not doing so could lead to injuries and a premises liability lawsuit.

Several causes of trip-and-fall or slip-and-fall accidents can be avoided. For example, angled stairs have surfaces that are smaller on one end than the other. If someone steps incorrectly, he or she could slide off the stair and fall. If that happens, he or she could suffer serious injuries. Avoiding this hazard isn't always easy, but having a warning sign and tread on the stairs helps.

Medical malpractice cases: Show your losses

Normally, people go to their doctors or the hospital because they want to get well. They expect that they'll receive expert treatment; after all, doctors and nurses study for years to get where they are now.

The sad truth is that not all medical providers treat patients the same. Many don't have the same backgrounds in medicine, so you have to be cautious about who you choose to be your medical provider and hope that the medical provider will pass your case onto a colleague if he or she is not a good fit to treat you.

Nurses and aide face murder charges for patient death

Nursing home abuse is one of the most terrible things to hear about. You put your loved ones a nursing home to make sure they get the care they need. Finding out that nurses mocked them or allowed them to go without assistance is devastating.

Sometimes, people work in medicine that should never do so. Take, for example, this news report about nurses and an aide who were caught laughing as a World War II vet struggled to breathe. The two nurses have been indicted for the death of the man after a video showed them laughing while he struggled to breath and sought help.

Why do hit-and-run drivers leave the scene?

It's hard to imagine leaving the scene of a car crash when someone could be hurt. Most people stop immediately and do what they can to help. Not only do most people feel guilty or responsible for making sure the other person gets medical treatment, but everyone has been taught to stay at the scene since that's the law.

Some people defy logic and flee the scene, though. Fortunately, many of these people come to the police station on their own to turn themselves in or get caught. As a result, the victims are able to claim compensation they may otherwise not have been able to obtain.

Slip-and-fall accidents could be fatal to nursing home residents

When you think of filing a claim against a nursing home, you're probably thinking of medical malpractice or negligence. You may also run into another problem, though, which could instead involve premises liability.

Imagine if you're coming to visit your loved one at the nursing home. You notice that the sidewalks haven't been taken care of, and they're breaking down. There's slick spots because of gravel, and the ground is falling away from the main path. That's a hazard for anyone in good health, let alone those who may not be as mobile as they were in their youth.

Patients: Don't stand for medical malpractice, get help

Medical malpractice takes place when the standard of care expected by the medical community is not met. A violation of the standard of care could lead to patient injuries, which are then compensable by law.

In order for a medical malpractice lawsuit to work in favor of the victim, he or she needs to show that the injuries he or she has suffered were caused by negligence or errors. You may need to speak with another medical professional to get his or her expert opinion on your case and to testify on your behalf.

Nurses face charges after elderly patient leaves facility alone

When you leave your loved one in a nursing home, you expect the facility to do its best to provide for him or her. In the case that you have a loved one with Alzheimer's disease or dementia, you know how important it is for nurses and the staff to do their rounds. If your loved one wanders off, he or she may have no idea how to get back home.

That is what happened in this case, which fortunately turned out fine for the missing woman. Two nurse's aides have found themselves in trouble with the law after allegations surfaced of them endangering patients.The two were arrested after it was believed that they failed to monitor a resident who was suffering from dementia. They are accused of attempting to cover up the neglect. The aides, a 25-year-old woman and 62-year-old woman, are now charged with endangering the elderly woman along with other charges. They face up to four years in prison for the endangerment count against them.

Surgical infections may be a result of poor care

When you have surgery, you know that there will be an open wound. Even after stitches are in place, there is a potential for the wound to reopen or to get infected. Fortunately, most people don't have to worry about serious infections, because they avoid the bacteria that would cause them.

There is a problem, though, in some cases. Whether it's using surgical equipment that wasn't sterilized properly or touching a wound with dirty hands, patients could be exposed to dangerous bacteria and face life-threatening infections.

After a traumatic event, medical care is a necessity

After a car accident, you may just feel like you want to go home. You're tired, you feel fine and you're ready to put today behind you.

While it's okay to feel that way, it's the responsible thing to do to go to the hospital immediately after an accident. You should always seek medical treatment right away, because there could be issues that you don't know about or don't feel right now.

What can you do if you think your loved one is a victim of abuse?

The last thing any child wants to find out is that his or her mother or father has been abused in a nursing home. You choose the facility you do because you trust the people there. You believe they'll treat your loved ones like family. That, sadly, isn't always the way things work out.

What can you do if you suspect nursing home abuse taking place where your parent resides? Here are a few things to remember.


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