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Medical malpractice is a killer: Here's what patients should know

Making errors is a way of life for many people. Humans learn that way. There is one group of people who simply cannot make mistakes, though, and those people are medical providers.

When a medical doctor, nurse or other staff member makes a mistake, it may threaten the life of a patient who came for care. Many times, patients don't recognize errors as they begin to develop. They don't notice a doctor not wearing gloves or marking the wrong leg before surgery. It's hard for others to be their own advocates.

Motor vehicle defects can lead to serious collisions

After a motor vehicle accident, you might be shocked to find out it was your fault that the crash happened. You hadn't meant to run a red light, but you couldn't get your vehicle to slow down.

In your defense, the problem wasn't you. It was a defect in the materials used near your accelerator. It was pinned down, making it impossible for you to stop.

Protect your loved one from psychological abuse in nursing care

Nursing home neglect comes in many forms. One that is often overlooked is the psychological abuse that individuals may face. Psychological abuse can range from ignoring residents to degrading them. Psychological abuse could include threats or humiliation.

For instance, if a person in a nursing home wets him or herself, it's fairly common for nurses to clean up the individual and to help them with their sanitation needs. Telling other residents about the situation, teasing the elder or being verbally abusive could be forms of psychological abuse that the elder would face in that situation.

How serious are anesthesia errors?

Going into surgery is frightening even for the most stoic person. There's a risk of many things going wrong, even in a controlled environment with professionals who have years of experience.

Anesthesia is one thing that has to be just right to prevent injuries. Anesthesiologists train for years to understand medications and how they affect patients. Making any kind of mistake could be life-threatening for a patient.

Tenants can sue for injuries on a landlord's property

If you are a tenant and live in a landlord's property, you expect it to be safe for you. When you move in, you write down everything you notice is wrong. However, there may be hazards you don't know about right away or things that have to be repaired over time as you live there.

As a tenant who has suffered an injury, it's important to know if you can hold your landlord liable for what's happened on his or her property. Here are a few things you should know.

What are some important facts about traffic crashes?

When you're in an accident, your body takes a beating. Even if you can walk away from the accident initially, there is a likelihood that you could end up with serious injuries that develop over the next few hours or days.

There are many interesting facts about car accidents that you may not know. Here's a list of interesting facts that you may be interested to learn about:

Vicarious liability: Your right to claim against a hospital

You had always heard about the potential for medical malpractice to impact you, but you never thought it would. You went to the same doctor for years, and even scheduled your surgery with him because you were comfortable with your care.

Come the day of surgery, you found out that your doctor was out and that another surgeon was stepping in. Although you were unhappy about it, you went through with the surgery. You later found out you suffered complications as a result of that surgeon's errors and that he was an employee of that hospital. You worry that the hospital didn't do enough research before hiring him and want to hold it responsible.

The secrets nursing homes hide from potential residents

Not all nursing homes are the kind, loving and watchful facilities you hope they are. Many make mistakes and hire staff members who don't have your loved ones' best interests at heart. Sometimes, there are secrets that nursing homes don't want you to know.

An April 23 news report discussed some of the more serious secrets you could come across when you least expect it, exposing the risks you may face when you put a love one in a nursing home. For example, did you know that some contracts are written so that you can't sue? Instead, they are binding arbitration agreements, which make you settle any problems outside court.

Dangerous stairs lead to injuries every year

There are many reasons why people get hurt on stairs. Perhaps the stairs are too old, or they are uneven and hard to walk on. Whatever the reason is, it's important for the owners of staircases to make sure they are safe for those who use them. Not doing so could lead to injuries and a premises liability lawsuit.

Several causes of trip-and-fall or slip-and-fall accidents can be avoided. For example, angled stairs have surfaces that are smaller on one end than the other. If someone steps incorrectly, he or she could slide off the stair and fall. If that happens, he or she could suffer serious injuries. Avoiding this hazard isn't always easy, but having a warning sign and tread on the stairs helps.

Medical malpractice cases: Show your losses

Normally, people go to their doctors or the hospital because they want to get well. They expect that they'll receive expert treatment; after all, doctors and nurses study for years to get where they are now.

The sad truth is that not all medical providers treat patients the same. Many don't have the same backgrounds in medicine, so you have to be cautious about who you choose to be your medical provider and hope that the medical provider will pass your case onto a colleague if he or she is not a good fit to treat you.


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