Children’s Accidents Or Injuries

New York Children’s Accident Lawyers

Ellis Law gives special attention to cases involving injured children. We know the heartache associated with seeing a child go through the trauma of an accident and injury. We strive to give extra care to parents and relatives of injured children and of course, to the children themselves. Our legal goal is to obtain compensation for them to receive when they turn 18 years of age. Many times, the settlement will result in a college fund for the child giving his or her payments when he or she turns 18, 19, 20, etc.

Sometimes, parents are reluctant to bring a claim on behalf of their injured child. This may be because they do not want the child to have to go through the legal system. Be assured that most cases settle out of court and even those very few that have to go to court result in caring treatment of the child by the attorneys and the judge. Other times, parents may not want to sue because the claim involves a friend or relative driving the car in which the child was riding, owning the dog that bit the child, an injury at the school or day care that the child still attends, or a similar sensitive situation. You should know that the vast majority of such situations involve payment by insurance companies, not the person or school involved and at Ellis Law, we are particularly sensitive to such situations and we will advise you accordingly. As always, we will not pressure you to do something you are not comfortable doing, but will merely advise you of your child’s rights and let you make the decision.

In deciding whether or not to consult with us concerning your child’s injury, please consider the fact that your child is relying upon you to make a decision that could affect the rest of his or her life, since this could be the only chance for him or her to be compensated for something that he or she may have to live with for many, many years. If you have such concerns, please call us to discuss them. We will explain your child’s legal rights free of charge and will not pressure you in any way.

The following are some of the types of children’s injury cases that we handle:

  • Automobile passenger or pedestrian accidents
  • School or day care accidents
  • Dog or other animal bites
  • Falls from swings, monkey bars, slides or other playground injuries
  • Slip, trip or fall downs
  • Accidents while playing with another child in which the other child accidentally hurts your child
  • Any other accidents involving children

With offices in Albany, Poughkeepsie, New York City and numerous other convenient locations, we provide legal representation to clients throughout New York. Through co-counsel relationships with a network of experienced injury lawyers developed over many years, Ellis Law is prepared to assist injury victims with accident claims and wrongful death litigation throughout New York and anywhere in the United States. These law firms assume joint responsibility with us for the case and share the standard legal fees with us. In cases in which we employ co-counsel, our clients benefit from the full resources of “two law firms for the price of one.” In other words, there is no additional fee for the client to have full access to the resources of both law firms.

To contact our Poughkeepsie, NYC, Bronx and Albany personal injury lawyers and for accident or injury cases anywhere in New York State or nationwide, call 1-800-LAW-7777 (1-518-477-7777) or 1-800-3-ABOGADO (1-1-800-322-6423). You may also contact us by email or fill in the simple Injury Answerline® form on this page for answers to your questions or a free case evaluation.


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