Injured In A Rollover Accident?

It’s a harrowing sight by any standards: A car in the ditch, upside down, crunched up like a soda can. Rollovers can leave both the driver and passengers with serious or fatal injuries. They typically involve high speeds and deadly force.

While any vehicle can roll under the right conditions, SUVs are especially vulnerable because of their high center of gravity. Other factors that contribute to rollover accidents include:

  • Defective manufacturing of the vehicle
  • Defective brakes or tires
  • Dangerous road design (such as lack of warning signs or turns that are too tight for the posted speed limit)
  • Collisions with other vehicles

Get Help From An Attorney Who Has Been In Your Shoes

At Ellis Law, we know the stakes are high in these cases. You may end up with a lifelong disability due to brain or spinal cord injuries. You may lose your ability to work and engage in the hobbies and activities you once loved. Without a steady paycheck, your financial worries may quickly multiply.

We can help. Our legal team is committed to earning your trust.

We understand what you’re going through because we have been in your shoes. Our founding attorney was the victim of a serious car accident before he became a lawyer. Now, Mr. Ellis devotes his entire career to guiding clients through the often confusing and overwhelming legal system. To date, he has obtained more than $150 million in compensation for thousands of injured clients.

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