Letter From Mr. Ellis

A Letter to Injury Victims from Our Founder, Dennis Gerard Ellis, Doctor of Law, Cornell Law School

Dear Injury Victims:

I am very sorry to hear about your unfortunate accident and I hope you feel better soon.

If you are kind enough to hire Ellis Law to represent you, I give you my personal assurance we will lessen the burdens you are dealing with on your road to recovery. Our job will be to take away your legal or financial worries, so you can focus on your medical treatment and getting back to good health as quickly as possible.

ELLIS LAW has always been solely a personal injury law firm working solely for injury victims and their families. We are never satisfied until our clients are satisfied. After decades of battling with insurance companies, we have learned all about their ill-conceived secrets and strategies. Sometimes their tactics appear sincere, sometimes sneaky, sometimes questionable, but they are NEVER truly looking out for the best interests of the victim. Their only goal is to save corporate money, no matter how badly injured or in financial need the victim is. But, trust me, none of these insurance company actions worry us in the slightest. Why? Because we have learned the powerful and unrelenting toughness it takes to defeat them!

We have worked for decades to develop the reputation as a law firm that makes insurance companies pay the FULL value of what our clients are entitled to. We fight every single day to insure our clients are fully compensated for ANY change in the quality of their lives caused by the guilty party’s carelessness. This is a result we have reached on behalf of thousands of satisfied clients. Ellis Law‘s long-established reputation has allowed us to achieve 99% of our settlements out-of-court, without our clients ever having to undergo the trauma of testifying at trial.

In direct contrast to the hard-hitting approach we take toward the insurance companies is the “soft” approach we take toward our clients. I am as proud of my staff’s compassion as I am of the outstanding financial results they have achieved. For many years, I have watched them treat our clients with patience, dignity and respect. I would have it no other way.

One such client was Gary. Gary was paralyzed when a huge, fully-loaded delivery truck ran a stop sign and cut his pickup truck in half. He was only 34-years-old and had already become a very successful, well-liked chauffeur to numerous celebrity actors and musicians.

When I first went to Gary’s home, I spent many hours getting to know him. I was in awe of his ready acceptance of the challenges life had presented to him, and by his unwavering positive outlook toward his future. It is no wonder one of the musical superstars he had worked for was so touched by him as to dedicate an album to him, and to her hopes for his recovery.

As I was leaving, Gary told me that his plan and indeed, his fervent conviction, was to one day “get vertical”. I responded that although, unfortunately, there was nothing I could do to improve his condition, my goal was to get him enough money so that when any new, cutting-edge treatment — or a possible cure — became available anywhere in the world, he could to afford to immediately get on a plane and become the first in line to try it, if he wished to do so.

I then went back to my office and summoned a team of a dozen experienced ELLIS LAW staff members to begin our fight for Gary.

In a little over one year, we obtained a $9.6 Million out-of-court settlement for Gary that is projected to pay him $18.9 Million over his lifetime. Just as importantly, every day my caring staff and I made it a point to be there for Gary and to treat him with kindness, patience and an understanding of what he was going through. He has become a close friend to all of us and will be for life. Consistent with the person we know him to be, Gary used part of his money to form a charity for other disabled (or, as Gary calls them, “differently-abled”) people.

I am grateful Gary has been kind enough to volunteer to give my outstanding staff this sincere endorsement. I am also thankful to have been able to get to know and learn important life lessons from this inspirational young gentleman.

When I was much younger, I was injured in an automobile accident. I feel this experience and my work helping so many injury victims have given me a special insight into our clients are going through. Many years ago, I founded our “Client Relations Program (sm) to help insure that each of them is always treated like a person, not a file!

To make it more comfortable for those clients who are afraid or reluctant to go to Court, I established our “For Settlement Only (sm) program. This means that if we are unable to settle with the insurance company, we will not go any further unless you want us to — and we will put that in writing! You have my personal assurance that there will be absolutely no pressure and no obligation and no cost if you decide not to proceed.

These are just a few of the many programs I have developed to ensure that our firm is different from many others in the steps we take to accommodate our injured clients’ needs and concerns. To learn more, I respectfully invite you to read the ” What Makes Us Different” section of our website.

We recognize you are innocent victims and you have placed your trust in us. Please understand that we understand what you are going through. As an innocent victim of a reckless driver myself, I have ‘been there’ and know exactly what you are feeling. I want you to also feel comforted to know we are here to comfort you.

Let me share the same advice we offer each of our clients – concentrate on your life, your family and your health. We will take care of everything else. Leave all of the work and worry about your legal rights to us. Trust us. Believe in us. Have faith in us as your attorneys. Understand that we will always do what we believe is best for you and your case.

Helping you is our job. In fact, it is our only job – guiding injury victims like you through one of the most difficult times of your lives, with care and concern — while fighting aggressively to the limits of the law to obtain compensation and justice for each of you.

After you have had a chance to review our website, please call us or submit our simple online INJURY ANSWERLINE ® form. We will let you know right away if we can help you seek an injury settlement. We would welcome an opportunity to prove to you what we have proven to thousands of injured clients — that you can feel comfortable and secure in the fact that ELLIS LAW will ” MAKE ‘EM PAY”!


Very truly yours,

Dennis Gerard Ellis

p.s. Please always feel free to EMAIL ME directly with any questions you may have — either now, or at any time during the pendency of your case.

We will respond to you promptly.

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