For Settlement Only

Many accident injury victims are afraid or reluctant to sue. This is a very common occurrence.

Because we understand this valid concern of such victims and wish to give them an opportunity to obtain a settlement without having to go through the trauma of testifying in court, Mr. Ellis has developed a unique program called our “For Settlement Only” program.

If you choose to be included in this program, you may retain our firm SOLELY to protect your legal rights while we wait for your medical condition to resolve. At that time, we will obtain all necessary medical records and begin negotiations with the negligent party’s insurance company to seek a fair settlement for your injuries.

While we are waiting for you to reach maximum medical improvement concerning your injuries and treatment, we will perform the necessary steps to protect your legal interests at no charge to you. Should we be unable to obtain a personal injury settlement for you, we will NOT proceed any further unless you want us to. You have our assurance that there will be no pressure and no obligation. Settlement is likely, however, since due to our reputation and outstanding record of results, 99 percent of our cases that settle do so without our clients ever having to go to court!

It is YOUR personal injury case and you must feel comfortable with every aspect of it. It is OUR job to insure that you are comfortable and we will do everything possible to do so.

If you are interested in participating in our “For Settlement Only” program, please let us know when you contact us and we will gladly meet with you to discuss this program in more detail.

We will respond to you promptly.

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