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Ellis Law has no mercy on drunk or drugged drivers and no sympathy for them either. Not only do we aggressively sue them, but we have also taken an active role in trying to prevent drunk driving through our Stop-DWI Scholarship programs, donations to Stop-DWI groups and similar programs discussed below.

Driving while intoxicated (DWI), driving while ability impaired (DWAI), driving under the influence (DUI) and operating while intoxicated (OWI) are the terms people commonly use to refer to alcohol- or drug-related driving behavior. While the criminal justice system can handle the criminal aspects of a drunk driving accident, it typically fails to address the heavy financial burden that a drunk driving injury or death places on innocent victims and their families.

This is where we come in. At Ellis Law, we represent people who have been injured by drunk drivers, as well as the families of people who have been killed. By filing personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits, we hold the drunk drivers accountable for the harm they caused.

Our lawyers welcome the opportunity to protect the rights of innocent injury victims against drunk and drugged drivers. We aggressively handle cases involving:

  • Alcohol-related crashes that affect other drivers, motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians
  • Drug-related crashes that happen when drivers operate their vehicles under the influence of legal or illegal drugs
  • Driver and passenger injuries from auto accidents, truck accidents, boating accidents, pedestrian accidents, motorcycle accidents and any other accidents involving drunk or drugged drivers
  • Dram shop personal injury litigation in which we sue bars that serve alcohol to people who either become drunk or are already drunk and cause accidents
  • Habitual drunk drivers and traffic offenders who have a record of causing harm again and again
  • Underage drinking and driving, serving alcohol to minors or purchasing alcohol for minors

Ellis Law‘s Anti-DWI Efforts And ‘Stop-DWI’ Scholarship Program

Ellis Law has received recognition from Stop-DWI groups, DWI victims and their families, politicians, and others for our pioneering efforts to help make our communities safer for all of us by joining in the fight against drunk (and drugged) driving.

How did we get involved in this fight? We are in our fourth decade of fighting for personal injury settlements and trial verdicts for innocent people who have been killed, crippled, hospitalized, required surgery or were otherwise seriously injured by drunk or drugged drivers.

You would think that after all this time and all of these cases, we would just give up and accept the fact that we cannot do anything to help do away with this extremely serious problem. But we are not quitters, we are fighters.

We are gladiators when it comes to going into battle on behalf of our clients who have suffered injury caused by drunk or drugged drivers (and on behalf of ALL of our injured clients). Like the story of David and Goliath, our job is to fight and destroy the massive, multibillion-dollar “giant” insurance companies on behalf of innocent injury victims. In effect, we are taking on the multibillion-dollar alcohol companies, too, by suing bars, convenience stores and others that provide alcohol to intoxicated or underage people.

Our ONLY job is to protect accident victims! We do it every day. We do not represent clients on real estate closings, wills, criminal charges or any other area of law. We represent those who have been injured and if that means doing our share to PREVENT injury to innocent people, we are willing to do that, too!

As personal injury and wrongful death attorneys, we have seen firsthand the devastation that drunk driving can cause and we are dedicated to doing something about it. And we put our money where our mouth is. In addition to donating to Stop-DWI groups, we periodically offer $10,000 in college scholarships to high school seniors who write the best essay titled “How To Stop Teenage Drinking And Driving.,” . We have reached out to our youth for creative, yet practical and realistic solutions to this very serious problem.

We are dedicated to helping eradicate drunk driving by offering this program, donating to Stop-DWI organizations and aggressively suing intoxicated drivers who injure or kill innocent victims. We consider our efforts to be one small step toward making our communities safer for all of us. We believe that if we are able to save just one family from the heartache caused by irresponsible drinking and driving, our efforts will have been well-founded.

The lawyers at Ellis Law have extensive experience holding drunk drivers and those who helped them become drunk responsible for their IRRESPONSIBLE actions. We invite anyone injured by an intoxicated driver (and the families of those who lost their lives due to the reckless actions of drunk drivers) to contact us today to assist them in presenting their legal claims. Ellis Law will gladly help you learn about your rights free of charge.

To find out more about your rights as a victim of a drunk or drugged driver, please call our free Injury Answerline® at 1-800-LAW-7777 (1-518-477-7777 toll free nationwide) or submit a simple request form to the online Injury Answerline®.


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