4 Common Anesthesia Errors

It’s a common part of many medical procedures — an anesthesiologist uses a medication or gas to ensure that you are unconscious or semi-conscious. Carelessness can be fatal or lead to serious injuries. However, holding a physician accountable for a mistake is not always easy.

How can a medical malpractice lawyer help? At Ellis Law, we know how to successfully bring medical malpractice claims in New York. But it is important to note that these cases often require medical experts to establish negligence. Because of the associated expense, an anesthesia mistake generally needs to cause severe, permanent injury or death to being a claim.

What Can Go Wrong?

Like other prescription medication mistakes, dosage errors can happen. Too much may dangerously prolong sedation and cause brain injury. Too little and a patient may wake up during surgery paralyzed and unable to communicate while feeling extreme pain.

Other issues that may result in serious injury include:

  • Intubation — A mistake could occur while the breathing tube is placed or injury might result if intubation fails to keep an airway open during a procedure.
  • Monitoring — It is crucial that a patient’s level of consciousness as well as vital signs and oxygen levels are closely monitored during surgery.
  • Communication — Errors can happen when information about a patient’s condition or vital signs are not communicated to the surgeon.

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