Is the nursing home liable for my loved one’s bedsore?

On Behalf of | Nov 27, 2018 | Nursing Home Neglect

With modern bed technology, bedsores should be a thing of the past. Beds are now designed to reposition themselves and use hydraulics to change the weight distribution throughout the day for patients who are bed-ridden. That said, medical staff members need to program these beds to achieve such a desired result. Failing to properly program the bed could be the cause of your loved one’s bedsore injuries.

Once a bedsore has developed, the patient requires swift attention to ensure that the wound does not develop into a full-blown medical emergency. Fortunately, if a hospital catches the bedsore in time, the sore will usually heal without any serious complications beyond pain and discomfort. If the hospital — due to neglect and negligence — fails to catch and treat the bedsore in time, then it can become infected. With frail and elderly individuals, the situation can become deadly.

Physicians, hospitals, nursing homes and nursing home staff owe their patients a standard of care that — when properly administered — should reduce the chances of a bedsore developing. Therefore, if your loved one is currently suffering from a bedsore it could be a good sign that negligence, neglect or medical malpractice has occurred.

At our law firm, we are skilled at recognizing when a bedsore is the result of nursing home negligence and neglect. If your loved one has developed bedsores or other injuries while living in a nursing home, contact our firm immediately for a full evaluation of your loved one’s situation. We may be able to assist you with holding the nursing home financially liable for the damages and injuries you loved one has suffered.

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