2 vehicles crash into scaffolding and a pharmacy

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Things got dangerous in New York during a recent car accident, both for those on the road and those merely nearby. Two vehicles left the street, with one slamming into a nearby pharmacy and the other running into a scaffolding system.

The wreck happened right around 11:00 a.m. on Christmas Eve, per reports out of New York. One vehicle was going down 133rd Street and another was going down Broadway. They crashed into each other at the intersection and careened off of the road.

One vehicle was a Toyota Prius that actually belonged to the New York Department of Housing, Preservation & Development. It is the one that hit a scaffold system and a sidewalk shed. The other vehicle was a Honda Odyssey. Its journey took it into the door of a business called Hamilton Pharmacy.

Someone who worked at the pharmacy and saw the accident firsthand noted that a customer was trying to leave the business at the moment of the accident. As they stepped out the door, the van smashed into it.

After the crash, a housing department supervisor was on the scene. They blamed the other car, saying that it was “flying” and caused the crash by hitting the Prius. They said that more people could have been hurt if not for the scaffolding. As it was, three people got injured and were taken to nearby medical centers.

If you get injured in an accident, it happens very quickly. Make sure you take the time to really look into all of your legal rights after the crash.

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