The invisible injury you could have after a rollover crash

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Rollover collisions are among the most shocking and dramatic crashes that occur. Whether your vehicle flips because someone hit you as you turned at an intersection or because of a design flaw, you could get seriously hurt when your vehicle flips or rolls over in a crash.

Obviously, you can suffer broken bones and blunt force trauma in a rollover crash. Rather than just assuming that you avoided the worst possible injuries, you may need to see a doctor because there is an invisible injury you could easily suffer when your vehicle rolls over or experiences other violent motions in a car wreck.

Violet vehicle movement can cause brain injury

You don’t have to hit your head on the steering wheel or the window next to you to develop a traumatic brain injury because of a car crash. The motions of the vehicle can be violent enough to shake your grain around inside your skull. The violent force that moves your brain back and forth inside your skull during the crash can cause bleeding, bruising and swelling.

There may not be any noticeable symptoms from the injury at first, but the symptoms will likely progress as time passes. Without treatment, the symptoms may grow worse, and completely new symptoms may arise. It is not uncommon for people to notice worsening symptoms days after a car crash.

You can potentially avoid those worsening symptoms and the poor prognosis that they may create by seeing a doctor shortly after a crash. A physician can evaluate you for signs of brain injury and order testing or treatment that could prevent worse injuries from developing.

Brain injuries can easily change your life

A brain injury could leave you dependent on life support, struggling to regain your sense of balance or coping with memory deficits that were never an issue previously. The cost to treat a brain injury could be far more than one insurance will pay, and a brain injury could also reduce how much you earn.

Understanding the worst injuries possible after a car crash and making use of the protections available to you, like car insurance, will help you cope with the after-effects of a serious brain injury from a motor vehicle collision.

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