Negligence can mean a party host is liable for your injuries

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When a person holds a party at a facility or home, he or she may assume social host liability. In some states, it’s the law that the person holding the party can be held liable for any alcohol-related injuries that occur if the host provides alcohol to minors, but that can sometimes extend to adults at the home as well. The host can be held liable for injuries or deaths caused by the minor being served alcohol, and in some cases, they may face liability claims for adults who cause drunk driving accidents.

Social hosts can also be held liable for the property damage any intoxicated guest causes. For example, if the host serves alcohol to a person already intoxicated, the law states that the host should have known better and no longer served alcohol to that person. Continuing to serve alcohol to an intoxicated person is considered negligence. If the intoxicated person then causes damage, the host can be held liable due to the negligence previously shown.

Sometimes, hosts can be held liable for adults who act out after drinking at a party, particularly if the host is aware that the person is leaving the party intoxicated and will be driving. If a drunk driving accident occurs, the host may bear at least partial responsibility for the incident.

If you’re hurt at someone’s home because of dangerous activities or behaviors, or because a driver got behind the wheel while intoxicated after being served too much alcohol at a bar, you have every right to seek compensation. Our website has more information about how you can start your claim.

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