Slip-and-fall accidents can be avoided with maintenance

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If you slip and fall outside on someone else’s premises, you may be interested in filing a slip-and-fall lawsuit against the owner. As the winter approaches, it’s more likely for people to slip and fall on icy sidewalks or pathways, so it’s more likely for businesses and individuals to find themselves on the other end of a lawsuit. It’s important for owners to take time to maintain these areas of their property to prevent accidents.

If a business owner or property owner doesn’t maintain the walkways in the winter and someone falls, the victim may be able to claim negligence. The law doesn’t always require that a property owner removes ice or snow from his or her property, but the property owner should understand that if they have customers or invited guests coming onto the property, there could be a risk if the walkways aren’t maintained. If there is a hazard, he or she should take steps to help protect those who will be visiting.

It’s also important for the owner to take steps to provide adequate lighting in areas that could be hazardous, since any ice or snow that’s in the way would be visible throughout the day and into the darker hours of the evening. There should be adequate lighting on stairs and steps, in parking lots and in other areas that could be too dark on the premises.

If you fall and suffer an injury as a result of a lack of maintenance on a property, you may be able to file a claim for compensation that would cover medical costs and other financial losses.

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