You can settle a lawsuit without going to court

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It’s possible to settle a personal injury lawsuit before you ever have to file a lawsuit. One way to do this is by working with your attorney to negotiate with the other party. You may want to consider mediation sessions, going through arbitration or negotiating directly depending on the situation.

There are many reasons to go through negotiations without involving a court. First, it saves you money. Suing can costs hundreds or thousands of dollars depending on the situation. Instead, speaking with your attorney and having him or her help you with negotiations is a better route. Then you only accrue your attorney’s fees and some filing fees for the documentation you need. In many cases, your attorney fees come out of any award you get, so that fee can be accounted for in your negotiations.

Your attorney has been through many personal injury cases in the past, so he or she will understand what a fair settlement looks like. It’s a good idea to present all your documentation, like medical records and a police report from the scene of your accident, to your attorney as soon as possible. This helps your attorney become familiar with your case, the laws that surround it and determine the negotiating tactics that work best.

Getting a good idea about your diagnoses, the expenses related to your injuries and the damage to your vehicle and how you may be affected in the future is key to getting the right settlement. Our website has more information on how a settlement is paid, how long it takes versus going to court and other commonly asked questions.

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