Toddler dies in tragic rear-end collision in New York

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The loss of any life is tragic, but it’s particularly sad when it’s a child who has been killed. Children have their entire lives ahead of them, and a car crash cuts that life much shorter than it should have been.

An April 30 news report talks about one 3-year-old child who was killed in a car crash. She was in her family’s vehicle with her grandparents and mother when the accident happened.

The child’s grandmother had been driving and had to put on her brakes to avoid a metal sewer cap that was raised higher than expected. The street was being repaired, so it had been milled and is going to be repaved.

When the woman put on her brakes, a trash truck following behind her rear-ended the vehicle. That caused the woman’s vehicle to hit a metal pole. The child was killed.

People living in the neighborhood stood by the family’s claim that the road has been poorly maintained, so the Department of Transportation (DOT) could potentially be held liable. A DOT spokesman said the street was under construction at the time of the crash.

The driver of the garbage truck did remain at the scene following the accident and spoke to police. Despite rear-ending the vehicle, police did not make any arrests in the case.

Situations like this have many factors that play a role in your losses. It can be hard to know who to hold liable. Your attorney can help you look at everything that happened and talk to you about who you can file a claim against for the injuries and tragic losses you’ve suffered.

Source: New York Post, “Family mourns 3-year-old killed in car crash,” Kevin Sheehan, April 30, 2017

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