Is texting and driving illegal in New York?

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Texting and driving is extremely dangerous, as is using a cellphone while behind the wheel. Interestingly, despite the danger involved, many people still use their cellphones and text while they’re driving. They even admit to knowing the danger, but they continue to act negligently.

As someone who is a victim of a serious collision, it’s traumatic to know that the incident may have been prevented by putting down a phone. That’s particularly important this holiday weekend, since the Fourth of July may have more people calling family, taking photos of fireworks on the go and overall not paying attention on the roads.

Texting isn’t necessary behind the wheel. There is never a text that can’t wait the few seconds it would take to pull over to the side of the road or to take an exit to go to a parking lot. The New York State Thruway and state highways even have designated texting areas, so there is truly no excuse.

Talking on a phone, composing, reading, sending, accessing or otherwise using data, playing games and taking or transmitting images are all illegal acts in New York so long as you are behind the wheel. Anyone who participates in these acts while driving is putting others at risk of serious injuries and death. If caught, the person violating the law receives points on his or her license and pays fines. If someone is injured as a result of texting and driving, other charges may apply to the case.

As a victim, you have the right to know if the driver was texting behind the wheel. Your safety and rights were violated, so you should receive compensation for what you’ve been through.

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