One-time doctor convicted of malpractice aims to practice again

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How would you feel if you found out that the person performing medical procedures on you had been accused and convicted of medical malpractice in the past? What would you say if you found out that the doctor had changed his name and performed services he was no longer able to perform?

You may be shocked and confused as to how this could happen. You’d be much like those involved in this case that surrounds a one-time doctor who is now an accused killer with a new name. In the original story, these individuals were victims of a man who had performed multiple operations while making serious errors. A judge told him he’d never practice medicine again.

After he was released from prison the first time, he returned home with his wife. He proceeded to attempt to murder her by feeding her arsenic. She had more in her bloodstream than any other case heard of in New York. Her husband pleaded guilty to arsenic poisoning and went back to prison until 2013.

That’s when a new doctor, Tony Haute, arrived in West Seneca. The problem is that there is no medical provider with that name listed in the state, even though the name shows as “Dr. Tony Haute” on the man’s website. It turned out that the new Tony Haute was just a cover for the doctor, who no longer has a right to practice medicine. He offers skin treatments, most of which are legal. One that involves plasma treatments is typically performed outside the U.S., but is not common here.

Actions like those described above could be medical malpractice. If you face an injury as a result of a doctor who is practicing fraudulently, speak up. You deserve the best care and the compensation you can get.

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