At least 3 injured in New York taxi crash

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When you’re in a taxi, you expect the driver to take extra care to avoid accidents. You want the driver to obey the laws of the road and to slow down if unsure about the traffic ahead. That doesn’t always happen in New York, where time is money and money keeps the driver behind the wheel.

When a driver doesn’t obey the laws or takes unnecessary risks, people could get hurt like in this situation. A two-vehicle collision involving two New York taxis has resulted in several people needing treatment for injuries. According to the news, one yellow cab had been traveling west on 85th street when it collided with a vehicle that had been traveling south on 2nd Avenue.

The second vehicle was pushed onto the sidewalk and into a Wahlburgers restaurant where several people were dining outside on the patio. Three people who were eating at the restaurant, a 1-year-old boy, a 9-year-old girl and the little girl’s mother, were taken to the hospital for treatment after the vehicle collided with them. The little boy had a broken leg, according to witnesses at the scene, but the other people’s injuries were not reported.

Both drivers tried to blame each other for the collision, so the police will continue to investigate until able to prove who was to blame. There is a surveillance video of the scene that can be used for evidence.

Crashes like this can result in injuries not only to those inside vehicles, but also those around the vehicles. Pedestrians are always at a higher risk of injury, and they, too, can pursue a claim if they’re hit during a collision.

Source: NBC New York, “2-Taxi Crash Leaves Multiple People Injured in NYC: Officials,” Wale Aliyu, July 31, 2017

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