Why do hit-and-run drivers leave the scene?

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It’s hard to imagine leaving the scene of a car crash when someone could be hurt. Most people stop immediately and do what they can to help. Not only do most people feel guilty or responsible for making sure the other person gets medical treatment, but everyone has been taught to stay at the scene since that’s the law.

Some people defy logic and flee the scene, though. Fortunately, many of these people come to the police station on their own to turn themselves in or get caught. As a result, the victims are able to claim compensation they may otherwise not have been able to obtain.

Why do people leave the scene of an accident?

One reason is adrenaline and fear. People fear the unknown, and not knowing if you’re going to go to jail or be penalized is a major trigger for fleeing. Despite that, it’s actually more common for people to flee because of a lack of empathy.

Caring more about yourself than someone else isn’t a crime, but when it means that someone gets hurt or isn’t receiving medical care because you’ve left the scene of an accident you caused, it becomes a major problem.

Blaming the victim is easy for people who lack empathy. They may claim that the other person was really to blame or that he or she shouldn’t have gotten in the way. It’s not malicious in most instances, but drivers who flee the scene really do themselves a disservice. When they’re caught, they’re brought back down to earth with penalties beyond what they’d be likely to face if they’d stayed at the scene.

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