Motor vehicle defects can lead to serious collisions

On Behalf of | Jul 23, 2018 | Products Liability

After a motor vehicle accident, you might be shocked to find out it was your fault that the crash happened. You hadn’t meant to run a red light, but you couldn’t get your vehicle to slow down.

In your defense, the problem wasn’t you. It was a defect in the materials used near your accelerator. It was pinned down, making it impossible for you to stop.

What should you do if you crash as a result of a motor vehicle defect?

First, know that you’re not alone. Thousands of people have been through what you’re going through now. There are people who have crashed as a result of faulty electrical systems, bad brake systems and problems with the steering systems.

What you should do immediately is begin to look into recalls. If there is already a recall, that’s good news, because it shows that the company recognized there were hazards in its vehicles. That’s something you can use to your benefit. If not, then you can still begin a claim, but you’ll need to show that there was an unreasonably dangerous defect that resulted in your injuries. For instance, if you can show that the accelerator stuck down because of a jammed part, then you could use that to explain the danger of the vehicle’s defect.

Your attorney can help you fight this case in court; manufacturers need to be held liable for anything they produce that later leads to a person’s injury. Vehicle manufacturers are no exception to the rule and should take care to keep vehicles as safe as possible.

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