New York limousine crash deadliest since 2009

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When you call for transportation to an event, you expect that the driver is going to be skilled and provide you with safe passage from one place to the next. If the driver is not paying attention or under the influence themselves, then there is no question that the day could end badly.

In this instance, it’s not yet known what caused this serious collision, but people hope to find out. In the deadliest crash in the last nine years, 20 people were killed. The crash, which took place on Oct. 6, involved a limo and 17 friends who had rented it for a birthday party.

The reports state that the friends intended to go to an upstate brewery in New York, but they never arrived. The limo, which was speeding down a hill, became uncontrollable. The driver approached a dangerous intersection and struck an empty vehicle.

The crash was so fast and severe that it killed everyone inside the vehicle. Two pedestrians were also killed when the limousine went out of control.

The manager of Apple Barrel Country Store saw the incident and stated that she believes that the driver was traveling at over 60 mph. The customers who were struck were both killed in the parking lot of her location.

It is too early to say why the driver was traveling so quickly or why they did not attempt to stop. Investigators have stated that this was the deadliest transportation accident since 2009; in 2009, 50 people were killed in a plane crash.

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