Create a paper trail for a more effective product liability case

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Product liability cases are often brought against designers and manufacturers because of items that hurt others. For instance, a toy that cuts a child or a piece of furniture that splits and causes injury are both examples of dangerous products with defects.

Product liability laws allow people to seek compensation if they’re injured by defective products or products that manufacturers knew were dangerous but did not warn against. For example, if a manufacturer knows that a product is prone to heating up, they should include a warning that it could become hot. Failing to do that could lead to burns and injuries that leave individuals with hospital bills.

Who can you hold liable for a product liability issue?

It depends. You might be able to hold the manufacturer, retailer, installer, wholesaler or other entities liable. As soon as you are hurt, it is important to go to the hospital. From there, you should speak with a doctor or medical professional and explain exactly how you were hurt. This is the first step to creating a record of the incident.

Next, it’s a good idea to make copies of your medical records and to submit them to your attorney’s office. You can also call the manufacturer of a product to make a complaint. By taking these steps, you’re beginning to leave a paper trail that shows you want to resolve an issue regarding a serious personal injury. Our site has more on what to do next if you’re hurt by a product that you’ve purchased or were given. Manufacturers should be liable for defects.

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