2 kinds of medical errors that happen to patients

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The last thing you want is a surgical mistake or doctor’s error when receiving treatment for a medical condition. Nevertheless, these mistakes and blunders happen on a daily basis at most medical facilities. In most cases, the patients aren’t hurt, or their injuries are so minor that no one pays a great deal of attention to them. In some circumstances, however, patients suffer from life-threatening injuries as a result of medical treatment mistakes.

Below are two of the most common errors that happen to patients.

Patient mix-ups

Sometimes, hospital staff don’t correctly verify the identity of patients and confuse one patient with another. This could result in the medical records of the patients getting mixed-up, and one patient could receive the treatment that another patient was supposed to receive. If this happens in a surgical environment, a patient could have a perfectly healthy limb or organ removed. Alternatively, a patient could receive a medication to which they have a fatal allergic reaction, e.g., anaphylactic shock.

Surgical souvenirs

Surgeons and their staff deal with lots of moving parts in the surgical environment. If something goes wrong during surgery, a surgeon could sew a sponge, clamp or other foreign object up inside the patient’s body. For obvious reasons, this could cause serious health problems.

If you suspect that something went wrong while you were receiving medical treatment from your doctor and you were seriously hurt because of it, don’t delay seeking answers. You could be the victim of medical malpractice, and you might have the ability to pursue financial compensation for your damages and other losses.

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