What are the most dangerous vehicle-related defects?

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It seems like we hear about a new automotive recall every other week, and sometimes, they involve tens of millions of cars throughout the world. Considering that car manufacturers usually fix these defects for free, we should celebrate the opportunity to make our cars safe again without incurring additional expenses. However, there’s one very important drawback: Not all vehicle owners get the message and not all of them take their cars to get fixed even when they do.

The fact is, millions of dangerous automobiles remain on the road endangering their drivers and anyone who might unsuspectingly purchase the cars. Here are some of the most dangerous car-related defects you need to watch out for:

Steering column defects: If a steering column malfunctions this could also cause the driver to careen out of control.

Wiring defects: Wiring defects have been known to cause dangerous automotive fires.

Wheel defects: Defective wheels can crack while in motion causing the driver to lose control of his or her car.

Accelerator defects: Accelerators are prone to sticking, causing cars to speed and lurch forward uncontrollably.

Air bag defects: Air bags can fail to deploy when needed. They can also explode like bombs inside the passenger compartments shooting deadly shrapnel into the drivers and passengers.

If you suffered serious injuries in a car crash, and a vehicle defect contributed to those injuries, you might want to investigate your legal rights. In some cases, injured car accident victims can hold the manufacturer financially liable for the costs related to their medical care, lost income and other damages caused by the accident.

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