Why do drivers run red lights?

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It seems so simple: If the light is red, all traffic has to stop. There are exceptions, such as when you’re making a right turn, but even then, you have to stop first, check to see if the way is clear and then turn. There’s never a situation where you can just blow through a solid red light.

And yet, people do it all the time. They cause accidents, they put other people in the hospital and they even take lives. Why does this happen? A few reasons include:

  • The driver was distracted and never saw the light at all. For instance, some drivers have admitted to reading or writing emails while they drive, taking their attention away from the road.
  • The driver was attempting to beat the red light by speeding up, rather than slowing down, when it turned yellow. If they timed it wrong, then they could go through the red at a high rate of speed.
  • There were no other cars around or so they thought. Some drivers will run a red light if they can’t see any traffic passing through, but that can lead to a crash when they simply overlook an oncoming vehicle.
  • They were thinking about something else. A busy person with their mind on their work or a conversation with a boss or a loved one may run a red light while simply thinking about everything else in their life and driving on autopilot.

These are just a few reasons for these deadly accidents, which keep happening even though they can so easily be avoided, and they show why it’s important to understand your legal rights to financial compensation after someone else causes a crash.

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