Understanding the signs of aggressive driving

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Aggressive drivers cause unnecessary car accidents every day in the United States, and it is very important to keep your distance from them when possible. You may not always be able to do so, but your best chance of keeping yourself and everyone in your car safe is to understand what aggressive driving looks like and what signs to watch out for.

Most aggressive drivers have very little regard for others on the road. It is a selfish action, and they only consider themselves. Sometimes, this just results in unsafe driving that puts everyone at risk. Other times, it results in actively hostile driving — honking the horn, tailgating, passing when there isn’t enough space and making hand gestures out the window.

A few signs that someone is an aggressive driver include:

  • They make lane changes that are clearly unsafe and cut off other cars.
  • They make frequent lane changes, showing that they have no patience for the traffic around them.
  • They do not use their signals and act unpredictably.
  • They do not yield the right of way when they should, but instead just focus on their own driving.
  • They ignore traffic controls and do not follow the basic rules of the road. For instance, if you get to a four-way stop and then another driver quickly accelerates when it’s your turn, cutting you off, that is likely a dangerously aggressive driver.

As noted, you can’t always avoid these drivers. If one of them injures you in an accident, you need to know if you can seek financial compensation.

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