You can drive safely in the snow — here’s how

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2019 | Car Accidents

Driving in the snow can be frightening for many drivers. They often feel like they have very little control over the car. They worry about an accident with every mile they cover.

The good news is that you can drive safely in the snow. You just need to know how winter driving differs from summer driving, and you need to adjust what you do behind the wheel to account for it.

First and foremost, your speed may need to change. Gauge the conditions. If it seems too dangerous to drive at the speed limit because of the snow and ice on the pavement, you should slow down.

You also want to keep every movement as smooth as you can. When turning, for instance, never jerk the wheel to the side at the last moment. Slow down in advance and smoothly guide the car through the turn.

This also applies when you speed up or slow down. You never want to have to put a lot of pressure on the gas pedal or the brake. Anticipate what you need to do and slowly change the car’s speed over a long distance.

If you start sliding, you want to steer through the slide and take your foot away from the gas pedal. Let the car slow down naturally and remain in control. Don’t slam on the brakes, as many people do instinctively. This just makes the skid worse. Stay calm and drive through it.

Now that you know how to drive in the snow, make sure you also know how to seek compensation if another driver makes a mistake and hits you.

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