What is the biggest statistical risk to your children’s safety?

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Parents have a legal obligation to protect and provide for their children. You probably also feel personally compelled through love and responsibility to keep your kids as safe as possible.

You need to make sure that your children have housing, food and the other necessities of life. You also need to educate yourself on what risks they face and how best to protect them. Understanding the risks that pose the most threat to your children can help you keep them safer than they would be without your efforts. There is one risk that is a leading cause of injury and death to children that you expose them to every day.

The most dangerous thing for your children is something you do every day

The entire world is full of hazards that can pose a risk to your children. Ingesting gasoline while you pay in the station could send your child to the emergency room. Taking a tumble out of a tree could mean a broken leg or a brain injury.

There are countless hazards in your home, your community and even the school that your child attends. However, the biggest risk is sitting right out in your driveway. Motor vehicles are responsible for both the significant portion of child deaths and a large number of injuries to children and young adults.

Once your child is five and until they turn 20, a motor vehicle crash is the biggest risk to their life. For infants and younger children, drowning and suffocation are the most common causes of accidental death, but injuries from car crashes are still among the top causes of death. Car crashes are also among the leading causes of nonfatal injuries to children, along with dog bites, falls and struck-by-object accidents.

Car crash injuries to children can sometimes be more expensive

Having a close call in a crash where your child gets hurt can terrify you. It can also leave you with years of expenses. Children often require more specialized care than adults.

A scratch on the face of a 6-year-old could turn into a disfiguring wound if not properly cared for by a pediatric plastic surgeon. A broken bone could require intensive intervention if it damages the growth plate. Injuries that require skin grafts or surgery may require ongoing treatment every few years as your child continues to grow.

Learning how the age of the car crash victim affects the expenses involved can make it easier for you to handle insurance claims and other requests for compensation if your child suffers a serious injury.

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